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Destination Vera is an entirely public company that belongs to the Vera City Council, which was created for the promotion, revitalization and economic development of the municipality; a connection point of business opportunities and relationships. In Vera, a new concept of life has been born: work and leisure are synonymous with each other. It is where the environment of sea and nature thrives in a great all year round climate. Moreover, it boasts a great cultural spirt that combines past and present providing good facilities, with everything a hand.

A unique destination where you can live,
work and enjoy yourself with the family.

Vera, First Hand

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Business in Vera

Take advantage of a privileged environment, a good climate, with everything at hand as well as the advice of experts and professionals.

 Vera is the ideal place to work in and undertake new projects because we offer you all the facilities to start over or continue with your experience.

Work while enjoying yourself. Why not?

Sun + Beach

Close your eyes. Imagine a beach of fine, infinite sands, bathed in an intense blue sea and lit up by the all year round sun.
Open them and enjoy it in Vera.


Made to measure for all athletes. Water activities, hiking and biking, running and water sports. Vera is the ideal setting for both sporting activities and organizing events.
Shall we start now?


Vera tastes of products from its land and sea. A simple gastronomy but with its own character which innovates the day-to-day preparation of its dishes from day to day.
Try it. What are you waiting for?

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