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Telework in Vera

Vera, live and telework. Now, you can

Now is the time.

Vera is the place where you were looking to settle down and grow professionally. That’s why you can now dedicate time to your profession in the place where you used to spend your holidays. Telecommuting will provide you with greater creativity, productivity, and more flexibility and independence. That is why in Vera we want to make it easy for you: with personalized advice and with all the comforts of accommodation, registration or access to health care and education centres. In short, here you will find the balance between work and personal life.


“The Work Club” will be on offer soon. A co-working space at Casa Orozco: more than a thousand square meters where you can work and share space with other professionals who have also decided to bet on this change of life in Vera. This will be one of the largest co-working centres in Andalusia.

Do you want to telecommute?

All you have to do is choose Vera. We do the rest.