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Emblematic Projects

The public company Destino Vera (Ferial Vera SL), on behalf of the Vera City Council, is carrying out a series of specific “unique projects” for the economic revitalization of the municipality, through key sectors for our town such as the culture, tourism, gastronomy or sports.


Vera has made a firm commitment to the conservation of cultural and monumental heritage. It is mainly centred on the site of Cerro del Espíritu Santo (CES), the old city of Barya, which was destroyed by an earthquake in 1518 . The purpose of acquiring the lands considered as an Asset of Cultural Interest, and the development of the Master Plan, is that the Cerro is in a healthy, useful and economically stable aspect that allows not only to delve into the history of the municipality, but also to provide the site with the touristic importance it deserves and make it a fundamental pillar for the development of the town.

The first archaeological excavations, carried out by the University of Granada, have not only aroused great expectations in the international scientific community but have also provided a solid basis for the expansion of the BIC and the immediate planning of an ambitious General Research Project.


The objective of this project is to attract, taking advantage of the good weather conditions that this area offers, high-level sports events, federations and teams from all over Europe to carry out their preseason in Vera. So as to propagate this proposal, a large number of promotional steps will be carried out, starting from a road marketing campaign, with the labelling of the refrigerated trailers of transport company vehicles that circulate throughout Europe.

The successful execution of this project would bring with it important economic benefits for our municipality such as the lenghthening of stays in hotels, increased spending in commerce, restaurants and hotels, as well as other services. Therefore, greater use and profitability of public facilities.


One of the strongholds of Vera is its gastronomy, which is rich in cultural influences and determined by its location on the shores of the Mediterranean. A series of activities and events have been set out to stimulate the municipality and promote its gastronomy, its commerce and its lifestyle. They are centred around the gastronomy of Vera which is backed by ‘Sabores Almeria’. This brand, which is indicative of products from Almeria, also acts as a guide for these events taking place in hospitality establishments in and around Vera offering dishes, tapas, pinchos or tasting menus especially created for the occasion.

WITHIN 100km

In Vera, we consider our tourist attractions and heritage to go far beyond the physical limits of our territory. That is why, we consider municipalities such as Cartagena, Lorca and a large part of Almeria, that are less than 100km, or less than an hour’s drive away, as part of the same package. It is also for this reason, the Consistory is signing agreements with nearby towns that have interesting and exceptional tourist and cultural resources, which complement ours.


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